Single Use Tubes

1" Flat/Magnum Tip (FT)

Single Use Tubes

($0.77 inc tax)

This is a Disposable Tattoo Grip with stem and tip. FT Black. It is made of high quality material and is durable. It can be used for Magnum & Flat needles.


  • It is made of high quality material and is durable
  • Individually blister packaged
  • Disposable product can protect your clients from virus infection
  • Carefully designed, anti-slip handle, excellent lightwieight grip
  • Can be used for round liner & shader needles


Tip Model 5DT
Material silicon(grip), plastic(tube)
Grip length 1.81 inch / 4.6cm
Grip diameter 1 inch / 25mm
Tube length 4.25 inch / 10.8cm
Tube diameter 0.26 inch / 0.7cm
Color Black
Sterilized Date 2011 / 01
Expiration Date 2014 / 01


Minimum - Sheet of 5 individually sealed and sterilized

Box contains - 20 individually sealed and sterilized